Reach for the Sky

Liftmaster Towers is into the manufacturing, supply and erection of towers. Telecommunication towers that carry sophisticated equipment that links far-flung places in the rural areas with each other, and the big centers.

So what’s in towers, you may ask. A tower is a tower is a tower. Not when you talk to the people at Liftmaster. For us communication towers are big business. We are on the forefront of the manufacturing and supply of high quality towers, built to withstand the most severe storms and the harshest weather conditions, on any type of topographical terrain.

Liftmaster Towers are the leaders in the field of safety and quality with our unique construction methods. Our towers stretch from the Cape to Messina, and from the West Coast to Swaziland – in fact, hundreds and hundreds of our towers dot the landscape right across South Africa.

We will tell you the following:

·        Liftmaster Towers is into tower supplying and tower erection.

·        We install topographical towers with Z exceeding 250m.

·        Towers up to 54m in height are supplied ex-stock.

·        The towers are designed to withstand the toughest terrains in Africa.

·        Towers are built anywhere and due to the construction methods, no cranes are required.

·        We are currently supplying to all leading networks in Africa.

Other Services:

-      Upgrading of existing towers.

-      Diamond-core drilling.

Liftmaster Towers brought a new dimension to the art of tower building.

 Tel: +27 12 207 1022                                              Fax: +27 12 207 1017


REG NO 1998/06829/07
P. O. BOX 200

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